TRIP #17441


Myrtle Beach State Park and all of the South Carolina's state parks have been heavily impacted by funding cutbacks. A flood devastated the park in 2015. MBSP is a treasure of green along a tourist strip in South Carolina, much of which has lost the natural feel. This will be the third Sierra Club service-trip to the park. You will see what repeated service in one area can lead to. Continuing to work on the pier by replacing the floorboards is the first project on our list. Previously, we replaced the side railings along the end of the pier. Other possibilities include repairing trails, repainting signs and road markers, edging roads, painting structures, installing dune fencing, and improving campgrounds.

(See Hurricane Matthew damage here.)

MBSP map

It is becoming a custom for Sierra Club outing members to create videos of the highlights of their trips. [Search "Sierra Club outing" on YouTube to see about 20 of them.] I (George McDowell) propose to do this for our trip. I'm willing to collaborate with anyone who would like to do this on our trip, or contribute whatever I can to anyone who has greater abilities than I do in shooting and editing videos. Our trip leader Lynn has given permission to make a video of our outing, provided that the wishes of anyone who does not want to appear in the video are strictly respected.

Below is my first effort of making a service-outing video, a 2016 trip to the New River Gorge to build trails in the Boy Scout Reserve. Obviously, it isn't real good. But I learned a lot in making it, and believe this next one will be a lot better. And I think that a video will make a nice remembrance of our trip and also serve as an inspiration for others to consider a service trip with the Sierra Club.